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How to Become Saved, from Sin and Final Judment

Lion Thoughts

How does one find Salvation

The question of salvation, becoming saved is for non-believers the only prayer God will hear, so how do we become saved.
My recognizing our sinful nature, accepting Christ as our Savior, as the one who died for our sins on the cross instead of us, believing that he defeated death on the third day and rose again ( he is a living God) and asking him to come into our heart, our soul and our life, yielding to His will and Word

Feel free reach out to us on this page there are 3 admins here that will talk with you, pray with you and help you get started going down Gods path, or see the link at the bottom of the paged.

In His Care

‘Til I’m resting with my Saviour
in yon heaven’s peaceful place,
I’ll strive to follow Jesus and
I’ll bravely run the race,

And when in the deepest valley
And no way out I find;
The mountain top is out of reach
And much too steep to climb.

No matter what tomorrow brings
Whether gladness, toil or tears,
I’ll trust my great Redeemer for
I’m always in His care.
by Lucille B. Lein

Gods Care

Please follow the link below for another description of becoming saved.