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About Mom

My mom is a talented woman, non of which filtered down to me. Her poems and art are all based on the Bible, as a Christian I find them inspirational and as some non-Christians friends have said, they find them to be an inspiration and have made them see Christianity differently.

I will add some of here art when I can, most would be considered country art . She is 86 years young and is my inspiration. God Bless please enjoy and share. All art and poems are copyrighted, feel free to share but please give mom the credit.


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Majestic Saviour

My Saviour watches over me

As days and hours roll:

He’s the Glow that lights my pathway,

The sunshine of my soul.

He’s the Glory of the heavens;

The Beauty of the earth.

The Joy of a mother when

a child is brought to birth.

He is life to every Christian;

The Praise within our hearts;

The Comforter who stills our soul

when tears of sorrow start.

He’s the Marvel of salvation,

when sinners are made whole.

All glory, praise and honor to

the Healer of the soul!

by Lucille B. Lein

First Baptist Church , Mantua NJ

God’s Great Mercy

The wonders of God’s great mercy

Just cannot be described;

We see it on that rugged cross

Where Christ our Saviour died.

And when a soul cries out to God

Seeking his saving grace,

Then mercy from the throne of God

Flows from that Holy Place.

There on that cross so long ago

Where Holy Blood was shed;

When mercy, grace and love o’er flowed

When Christ died in my stead

by Lucille B. Lein



Grace and Trials


When trials come God; gives us grace

He stills our hearts and helps us face,

the fiery trials that Satan sends;

He gives us grace the victory win.


 And when our body aches with pain,

He gives us grace to praise His name,

and look beyond our weakened state

to fields of glory that await.


Praise God for trials that come our way,

for God is molding us like clay.

He gives us trials that we may see,

that more like Jesus we will be.

         by Lucille B. Lein


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