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Patriotism, Have a Healthy Pride in Your Country

Lion Thoughts

When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. – President Trump.


ca. 1980-2001

Patriotism has never been a bad word, or a dangerous belief. It is not prejudice, it is not isolationism it is what being an American is , has been and should be.

It was patriots who founded this nation, they were (and successfully so in my view) in search of a more perfect , not a perfect Union.

Many patriots have died defending this nation, they were from every race, religion rich and poor, they were Americans.

The Press


Patriots are found (though more rarely in recent years) in our press. They bring facts and information they are the peoples eyes and ears to keep this government in check, a Constitutional Republic, the true unbiased reporters are patriots, again their religion, skin color none of things are important, it is their love of this great nation that that is the great equalizer it is what makes them patriots.

Elected Officials


Elected officials that are there to make this country great, that do not care about the party, but the people. They do the right thing no matter how hard or what the consequence they uphold their oath, these men and woman are patriots.


First Responders

Our First responders, putting our lives ahead of their own, working long hours for little pay or reward. First responders are hated when they do their job and loved when they do their job, everyday when they go to work they go with the knowledge that they may not come home, these great men and woman are patriots and yet again their background is unimportant.


When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice. – President Trump

The day after 9/11 American flags were everywhere we stood united against our enemy it did not matter poor, rich, white skin brown skin we were Americans.

The Turn , Patriotism Demonized

Under Barack Obama, suddenly being patriotic would get you on a list, labeled a bigot  it became a bad thing.

President Lincoln said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  The Bible is not silent on the subject please follow the link below.

Matthew 12:22-28New King James Version (NKJV)


Over the past 8-10 years the anti-American far left demonized patriotism, they purposely tried (and were pretty successful ) at dividing our house, we the people. These people are in fact traitors maybe all do not deserver hanging, but none deserve to go unpunished.

Unite or Die

People who would cede our nations laws to a foreign power such as the UN are in fact evil traitors. The hate freedom, they hate us, and you guessed it they hate everyone of us regardless of they very labels they invented to divide.

White skinned, brown skinned, rich poor, Christian, Atheist. We are all Americans , we can all be patriots. The picture above is old, but the truth it tells is the same, we will have to unite as a people or die under the boot of tyranny.

May God Bless this great nation and all of our patriots that come from all walks of life to preserve the freedom so many  have left us to protect and may we leave not only the same freedoms for our children and their children to enjoy but the promise of a more perfect union, not perfect we are after all only human.