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4-lions-wallpaper(III% Security Forces) in Georgia is in our view a radical group that does not represent the true III% groups out here who do not practice for offensive moves, or go to protect when we are not wanted.

LionThought and any affiliate groups we may support will follow the III% as laid out here on our information page. Period!


LionThought is a place where Christians and American patriotism meet, our goal is to show how we can be and must be both if our nation is to once again glorify God

About LionThought

LionThought is a Christian 3% Patriot Site. We dare to talk about God and politics, we are not a 5091c or any other type of charity we are responsible to the Lord Jesus Christ by His Grace and through His saving love. We also believe in the Bible and the Constitution and that our Rights and freedoms come from God not man.

We will not follow, nor will promote any unjust law, and we believe that said laws are to be ignored.

LionThought takes the Bible as the truth, the Word of God and use mostly the King James Version.

We do not hate non-Christians and as a 3%er I will defend their right to not accept Christ as their Saviour. it is a personal choice.

We do not except compromise mans morals may change but the word of God does not.

If because we believe homosexuality is a sin as described in the word of God you are offend, you should leave. We don’t hate you and God does not hate you, so leave doing that though we will not change the Bible to suit your needs we will pray for your salvation.

Your thoughts should be your own, think bold and don’t be scared to learn and open your mind.

As we as Christians enter this new era there will be hate against us, there will be people and even the government who will want us to shut up, we will not.  Trust in God in all things and you will do his will and be glorified.

Trust in God

When storm clouds war against the soul

Remember God is in control;

Remember at the Saviour’s will

The might sea waves became still.

We can’t escape the trouble times,

But in our Lord we always find

His strength with us will always be:

Through Him we win the victory!

by Lucille B. Lein



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